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The Company RIMO Sándor Rimóczi and Son Kfc. is an enterprise in Hungarian ownership. The main profile of the company includes the manufacturing of components and the company looks back on a past of 40 years in this field.

This collective discription includes, of course, a diverse manufacturing structure. The component parts to be manufactured are intended for a wide variety of applications - manufacture and maintenance of agricultural machinery, manufacture and maintenance of motor vehicles, manufacture and maintenance of machine-tools, to mention only the major ones.

They represent a special class of machine components that require unusual skills and experience of manufacture.

The Company's specialists and technological resources will meet this challenge.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!


The majority of the components on order are toothed (they include every known type of toothed elements of cylinder, spiral, worm and bevel gears, as well as toothed parts belonging to them as complementary elements – requiring outstanding expertise-, spiral gears, multiple-start worms, splined components, special epicycloid bevel gear wheels, hypoid bevel gears, but also simpler spur-gears with straight and helical toothing or bevel gears with straight toothing.

All these components constitute a special group of machine components which require a particularly high level of expertise and experience.

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